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Add tasks to RTM by voice

marius.ursache says:

All you need is listed below:
- Reqall iPhone app and account - free on www.reqall.com
- Gmail account (free)

It's simple. You add a task by voice to Reqall and it does voice recognition (English only), then you can set it to e-mail you a reminder to a Gmail address.

Set a filter in Gmail to redirect all mails from reqall.com to your RTM e-mail address. Then it gets into your task list and you can edit it later.

It's a very good thing when you don't have the time or necessary hands to type it in, when you're on the road or just plain lazy.

Posted at 10:54am on February 5, 2009

johnwin says:

Thanks for posting this. I have been doing this since I got my iPhone last summer but never thought to share. Doh!

Posted 5 years ago

russ.goerend says:

What all does it parse from the voice message? Due date? Tags? Just the task title?

Posted 5 years ago

johnwin says:

See the Rqall site.


It cannot import anything other than the text of what you said. You then need to process it from the rtm inbox to your appropriate list / tags

Posted 5 years ago

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