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Next Release?

amswitzer says:

OK OK. I know you can't give us actual dates, but really, the iPhone client hasn't been updated in weeks. Other competitors (Appigo for example) are pushing them out almost weekly.

So - when is the next iPhone RTM client upgrade coming approximately?

Posted at 8:28pm on January 29, 2009

amswitzer says:

I kind of feel like no one from RTM reads these posts. It's as if we're being signaled that now that we have paid our $25 for Pro access, we should just be happy that we have an iPhone and stop asking for stuff.

Really, there have been so many valid requests from supporters and no response from RTM. I'm very disappointed and considering switching to something else. As stated, other suppliers listen and update their iPhone clients frequently. No so here.

Posted 5 years ago

wojo says:

It it worrisome when there are no updates or feedback to the major concerns.

RTM is great, but they have a long way to go to be a user-driven company. They need to start letting us vote for the top issues and actually completing them at SOME rate at least...

At this point if something better comes along I have to say, I'm ditching RTM and moving :(

Posted 5 years ago

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