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repeat interval

sduer says:

I am researching this app but to date have not purchased because I am looking for the best app to meet my needs in a task manager app. Specifically, I need an app that allows me to modify the repeat interval. Does this app allow for this? If not, what repeat intervals are available as default? I am a former PalmTX user and am quite disappointed that the standard calendar on the iPhone and all apps I have viewed to date are less advanced than the calendar on the PalmTX. Come on, my PalmTX is years old. How can it have more functionality than something available today that is supposed to be the ultimate multifunction phone. HELP!!

Posted at 2:31am on January 25, 2009

davidscottweaver Pro says:

Hi there. As a Long time Palm owner I can sympathize with the Calendar built-in. If you're a Google user though, Nuevasync.com has a free service to sync the built-in calendar with all your Google calendars seamlessly. So if you can't find a repeat interval you like on Apple Calendar, you will on Google calendar.

As for RTM, it does ALMOST every type of repeat interval the Palm did. Here is the link to the FAQ:


What it won't do yet is the (what I call) Mother's Day repeat, the 2nd Sunday in May every year. Other than that, you should be set.

Posted 5 years ago

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