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Pro support is a joke

remindmenow says:

I have turned in two support issues #198282501IP (a week ago) & #198282066IP (a month ago) over tasks that simply stopped repeating and support simply won't resolve them.

Regarding issue #198282066IP, I know support received it because they thanked me for the multiple examples of tasks that stopped repeating.

Is there Pro support or not? I'm really disenchanted with RTM right now and for good reason. I was promised support for a Pro account and it simply hasn't been delivered.

Posted at 5:17pm on January 23, 2009

russ.goerend says:

I would have to agree. I sent in an idea (obviously this may or may not be RTM's idea of what pro support is for) but I would appreciate more than just an automated response. As in, "That sounds like a decent idea and we'll put it on the list" or "That's an idea that's just too niche. I wouldn't expect seeing it implemented."

Some sort of contact with a human. Which is what I paid my $25 for.

Posted 5 years ago

emily (Remember The Milk) says:

Hi remindmenow,

Your report was escalated to our engineers to perform an in-depth investigation; unfortunately we're still catching up on issues reported over the holidays (it looks like we received your original report on December 25).

I'm very sorry for the delay. We have an average response time of < 24hrs for most support requests, but unfortunately any issue that's potentially a bug that needs to be tracked down and fixed will take significantly longer than this. :(

I'm awaiting an engineer's report back today to see if we've had any further luck in tracking down the issue you've reported; I'll update you via email once I receive this.

Posted 5 years ago

emily (Remember The Milk) says:

Hi russ.goerend,

Just to clarify, Pro support is for any issues experienced with RTM. The suggestions form is for feedback only; please submit a support query to receive support.

Unfortunately, Pro or non-Pro, we're unable to respond to suggestions. :(

We listen to all suggestions from our users, but unfortunately we can't respond individually to each feature suggestion or promise that we'll be able to add a particular feature. We especially don't want to disappoint anyone by making promises that we may not be able to fulfill.

We consider all feedback when deciding which feature to work on next, but we don't pre-announce features (even we're not sure what we could be launching next week! :)

Our Ideas forum policy has examples of the types of questions that we're unable to respond to; I'll see if we can add more details to the suggestions page to clear up any confusion there.

Hope this helps!

Posted 5 years ago

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