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Shared Lists and pull down in browser on Android

waffletchnlgy says:

I noticed two problems:
(1) A shared list, which I had already accepted in my desktop browser (Chrome), and which shows up fine on my desktop, does not show up in my browser on the Android-powered phone. It shows up as "need to accept" list again. I tried to accept it, but clicking accept does not change anything. (I thought that accepting it once applies to all browsers).

(2) I am unable to select any of the "Move to" action in the "More Actions" pull down. This is likely an Android issue, but wanted to let you know in case you see a way to get around it. Perhaps the issue is the length of the list. Therefor removing the ---- entries in the list can help.

Posted at 4:09pm on January 2, 2009

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