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Free Pro accounts Giveaway

amjad.z4 says:

I'm a very big fan of RTM and have been using it for some time now.
I was wondering why not you giveaway free pro accounts to random users as a new year publicity stunt and promotion.

My main suggestion is..please keep contests! this is make this already popular app ahead in the competition!


Posted at 9:54pm on January 1, 2009

amjad.z4 says:

Another suggestion, you could have a affiliate feature. Like for example if you bring 50 friends to register on RTM you get a PRO for one year. something like this.

would be great!

Posted 5 years ago

banifa says:

I would suggest a pro account for a friend if you sign up for one. just to sweeten the holidays. The reverse could also work: if you offer one, you get one...


Posted 5 years ago

acirovic says:

Free Pro accounts could be offered to contributors to the forums with ideas and valuable feedback, people willing to beta-test new features.

Also people inviting other people to try RTM. For every 5 people you invite (and they accept the invitation), you get free Pro subscription for a year.

Posted 5 years ago

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