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Recurring Tasks - Visibility

binaryeric says:

This is something that irritates me about the web version as well as the iPhone app.

If I have a task that recurs every 4 months and I complete it, I IMMEDIATELY see the next one appear in my list.

In addition to this completely ruining my "check in the box vibe", the task is actually sorted ABOVE tasks for which I have not specified a due date.

I understand that logically this makes sense, but in reality if I have entered a task and not put a due date, it isn't necessarily less important than a task a few months away.

What I would like to have is an option to say "Make recurring tasks visible X days/weeks/months before due date"

At least this way, you would see your task magically appear one day with the exact amount of notice you have requested, rather than looking it in the face for 3 months.

Posted at 7:19pm on December 27, 2008

arvid Pro says:

Hi binaryeric,

for this you can actually use Smartlist. The Smartlist would display all tasks that have no due date and only tasks with a date within the range of 3 weeks.



Posted 5 years ago

binaryeric says:

thanks for your response. The issue with that is that I would need to change the entire structure of how I have built my RTM lists to all be smart lists rather than normal lists.

Does the RTM team see smart lists as the primary way customers should customize their rtm features? This would be a good thing to know for the future.


Posted 5 years ago

ranbarton ProPower Poster says:

Smartlists are, IMHO, the way to go. If your lists are very key, then you may be glad to know you can constrain a Smartlist to show only tasks from a certain list, or lists. The operators are explained here:


Posted 5 years ago

jhollington says:

Ideally, I'd still like to see a "Start Date" option for tasks, especially recurring tasks, as this would somewhat address the problem, as well as providing me with the ability to have recurring tasks that don't necessarily have a specific due date (there are many things that need to be done on a regular basis, but not necessarily on a specific "drop-dead" date).

However, I'm pretty much working this out with smart lists right now. I use normal lists for very broad areas of responsibility (ie, Personal, Work, etc), and then use tags for anything more specific. Smart lists bring together static lists, tags and due dates to only show me things that should be "on my radar" at that particular time. For instance, the majority of my action-based smart lists only show me items that are due within the next 2 days, or have no due date at all.

For example, my "@Cals" smart list looks like this:

status:incomplete and tag:calls and (dueWithin:"2 days of today" or due:never)

In some cases, I key on multiple tags and static lists as well. For example, I work from home, so my office and computer tags may include both work and personal items, but obviously when I'm on "personal" time I don't want to see my work items. Ergo, my @Home smart list uses this criteria:

status:incomplete and (tag:household or tag:office or tag:computer) and list:personal and (dueWithin:"2 days of today" or due:never)

Smart lists really are the most powerful feature of RTM once you dig into them, and definitely keep it head and shoulders above any other task management app I've used.

Posted 5 years ago

binaryeric says:

jhollington, thanks so much for sharing your thoughts & practices here. it's very helpful!

Posted 5 years ago

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