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iPhone sync is broken or slow

giro Pro says:

I'm using the latest version of the iphone app. I go to "inbox" list, do a sync, and there are still old items in there, which aren't present on the web version. They aren't marked as completed, i'm talking uncompleted. and i have 3G up fine, and i let the sync complete.

so sync seems to be broken for me. anyone else?

ALSO sync is very slow. when i load up the app and go to a specific list, why can't the app sync THAT LIST first, then do the rest in the background? the app appears to be doing a global sync, which is very slow over 3G.

background: i have been using rmilk for 2.5 years and i have a thousand or so tasks (including completed ones).

1) there should be an option to exclude all completed tasks. currently, it requires to sync at least 1 week of completed tasks. why do i need completed tasks?
2) it should use a "diff" algorithm to only send changes-since-last-sync. why are my syncs so slow if i barely changed anything?
3) and yes, please make sync "correct" (see above) and first sync the current list before doing a global sync.


Posted at 1:44am on December 27, 2008

binaryeric says:

Yes, I had multiple issues as well but I reset the app about 2 weeks ago and so far so good. There may have been a sync bug in an earlier version that is still haunting you.

For me, I had these issues:

- iPhone has items that were resolved (on the web) and no longer appear on web
- iPhone has items that were deleted (on the web) and no longer appear on web
- iPhone has items that were marked resolved on the device and the web still has unresolved.

Posted 5 years ago

tcbarlow says:

I have similar issues, following an upgrade to a Pro account. I can access my RTM account online - but when I try to refresh my RTM lists on the iPhone, I get an internet connection error (even though I know my connection is fine). Have submitted an e-mail query to the RTM team. Can anyone help?

Posted 5 years ago

jack.perks says:

My device (ipod touch) seems to have trouble syncing back to the web. If I complete a task on my ipod, it is still incomplete on the web.

Posted 5 years ago

arjun says:

Yea. I am facing some serious sync problems that is making the application unusable. Today, It seemed like when I synced the iPhone app, it started to put tasks that I had previously deleted from the web back into the web.

Posted 5 years ago

arvid Pro says:

Can you please submit a support request through email when you keep on seeing these issues? We will look at them independently and see how we can fix it for you.


Posted 5 years ago

juliensharp says:

If I put an item in the iPhone, there is a 'refresh' icon that I can use to sync easily (upload) with RTM.com, but if I put something in RTM online, there is no syncing back. And I paid for this crap-app.

Posted 5 years ago

russ.goerend says:

I just did a test where I added a task through my Gmail addon. As soon as I hit return in Gmail, I hit refresh on my iPhone. The task showed up in my iPhone. I then deleted the task on my iPhone, hit the refresh on my iPhone and refreshed my Gmail addon. The task is gone.

This over EDGE. The whole test took less than a minute.

Posted 5 years ago

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