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Entering a time on the iPhone

jim.austin says:

How do you input a time when you're entering a task on the iPhone? I think this capability doesn't exist; am I right?
I'm probably not the only one who wants to have a single front end for managing all my work--including appointments. I've set up iCal to display appointments I make in RTM. Works fine. But I can't enter appointments on my iPhone if I can't enter a time.


Posted at 12:06am on December 27, 2008

arvid Pro says:

You can quickly add a task from most screens in the app.

Tap the + icon in the bottom right.
Tap the Task Name field and enter the name, then tap Save.
Tap any other fields you wish to include for this task. If a field isn't show, you can tap Add Field.
Tap Done to create the new task.

To save you time, tasks will add fields by context. If you choose to add a task while on your Today list, the task will automatically be due today. The same applies to tasks added on any day, list, Smart List, tag, or location screen.

Posted 5 years ago

jhollington says:

To enter a specific due *time* you have to switch to either the "Picker" or "Custom" screens when specifying a due date.

On the "Picker" screen, you would tap the "Any time" field to set it to off and the date picker will change to show time scroll wheels.

On the "Custom" screen, you would simply enter a time as part of the due date (ie, "tuesday @ 6pm").

IMHO, you're probably better off with iCal and the iPhone calendar app for actual *appointments* as this allows you to block off time periods and sound alarms on the iPhone. However, time-based reminders in RTM can be useful for things that need to be *done* at a certain time, although if you want an alarm-style reminder you'll have to get RTM to send you an e-mail or SMS message, as the RTM app doesn't provide any alarm capabilities in and of itself (this is a limitation of the iPhone SDK, and there's not much the RTM folks can do about it).

Posted 5 years ago

arvid Pro says:

jhollington, you can always use RTM in combination with Gcal and have Gcal fire off notifications through SMS/TXT if you like.

Works like a charm for me and best of all, the TXT-msgs are free with Google ;)

Posted 5 years ago

jhollington says:

...except that SMS through GMail is not available in Canada, and using SMS directly from RTM doesn't come through properly with my particular carrier -- I get an e-mail SMS notification and then have to reply with "Read" to see the actual message :)

E-mail notifications and Twitter DMs work quite well, although they're not as "proactive" as an SMS reminder, since they don't pop-up on screen.

Regardless, however, a proper GTD methodology means that I'm checking my lists often enough that things rarely need actual reminder alarms tied to them anyway. :)

Posted 5 years ago

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