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Ability to add Smart List in iPhone app

kmninbox says:

Ability to add Smart List in iPhone app

Posted at 9:42pm on December 18, 2008

johnmsch Pro says:


Posted 5 years ago

arvid Pro says:

kmninbox & johnmsch,

that is possible. Perform a search on the tasks you would like to see and after that, you can actually save this search as a smartlist.

Start by performing a search with your desired criteria:

1. Navigate to the Search screen (by tapping its icon in the bottom bar, or its item underneath More).
2. Tap the Search field and enter a word (or multiple words) that appears in the name of the task you want to locate.
3. Tap Search to see the results.

Once you've tested the search and are happy with the criteria, you're ready to create the Smart List.

1. On the search results screen, tap the + icon in the top left corner.
2. Tap the List Name field and enter the name, then tap Save.
3. Tap the Sort Order field and change the sort order, if desired.
4. Tap Done.

Your Smart List has now been created; you can access it via the Lists screen.

This and more is available on;


Posted 5 years ago

kmninbox says:

What about other criteria such as



Posted 5 years ago

jhollington says:

Yes, you can enter any criteria in the search field on the iPhone that you can in the web app, so you can construct very complicated searches.

Personally, I"d like to see a larger text entry box for this (multiline with wrapping), in *both* the web app and on the iPhone, but the fact that you can enter complex search criteria on the iPhone *at all* is a huge advantage of RTM over other solutions.

Note as well that there is at least one iPhone-specific search criteria that can be used as well: "locatedWithin" that allows you to built a Smart List that uses the iPhone or iPod touch location services to show you tasks located within a certain distance of where you're standing. A Smart List with this criteria will still sync back to the main RTM system, but of course won't show anything from the web browser, since your browser doesn't know where you are.

Posted 5 years ago

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