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Lists screen v cloud

sparrowitis says:

I'm new to RTM so please forgive me if there is a simple answer to this question, although I've spent 2 hours trawling the forum and not found it.

Q. Instead of having an icon for "lists" on the main screen, can I have a cloud?

A cloud would put all the fields I use in the one place, instead of having to constantly click between "lists"+"inbox", "more"+"tags" and "more"+"nearby". I love RTM but I also suffer from impatience!

I only really have three things I refer to: My inbox, nearby and tags.

1. My inbox - this shows me all my tasks in order of priority (or should I empty this like a good GTD follower? Is that even possible?)

2. Nearby. Adding locations from a map is awesome. The distance is awesome. Couldn't ask for more. Okay just one thing. Can I add a location from within the task when I can't find it on the list?

3. My tags - @contexts & projects. Tags are so powerful that I personally find lists to be an added layer of annoyance. I know lists have more functions but I wish we could just give these functions to tags and get rid of lists.

I feel forced to use lists (purely duplicates of my tags) on the web because it is easier to flick between tabs than use the cloud, and I could also share the grocery list with my partner. I *could* also use lists to put my inbox, tags and locations all in the one place - however:

As I constantly change (add/rename/delete) project tags, I have to repeat this change for the corresponding list. Double handling to the extreme!

If tags could operate as lists (tabs, sharing, active searching, sub-layers etc) I would be a happy camper. So RTM, if you could just change your whole concept to suit me that would be great ;) Alternatively if anyone has a quick workaround to meet my impossible demands please let me know!

PS. Adding tags to a task on the iphone is much easier than web RTM! That goes for all fields. I love selecting from a list. Maybe the web version could integrate this improvement as a sidebar, or maybe have a drag-and-drop onto tabs? (After combining tags and lists of course!)

Posted at 2:10pm on December 18, 2008

jhollington says:

Not a perfect solution for what you're looking for, but you can change the buttons at the bottom of the screen to add ones you more frequently use.

While you can't put a list or a specific tag down there, you can certainly put the buttons for the Lists, Nearby, and Tags functions, which might save you a tap or two. Simply go into the "More" menu and tap the "Edit" button in the top-right corner to change the bottom icon layout.

Posted 5 years ago

ranbarton ProPower Poster says:

Boy how I wish I could place a specific smartlist down in that bottom row.

Posted 5 years ago

sparrowitis says:

@ jhollington

Awesome suggestion, thanks.

Posted 5 years ago

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