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Support sucks!

slackstar says:


i am sorry to tell you that your support sucks! i wrote 3 emails, none of them have been answered. i used your contact form -> no answer. whats going on over there? left the headquarter?

Posted at 1:29pm on December 17, 2008

emily (Remember The Milk) says:

Hi slackstar,

I've checked into this; it looks like your support request was regarding account access, but when we checked into this, you'd already logged into your account (if you still have login problems, please let us know).

The other two messages were submissions to the testimonial form; as highlighted at the top of that page, this form is not for support. ("Please note that we're unable to respond to requests submitted through this form. If you need assistance with Remember The Milk, please submit a support query instead.") In any case, it looks like both submissions were also regarding logging in.

If you were still experiencing problems, please be sure to submit a support query as we're unable to provide support responses to messages submitted via any other method.


Posted 5 years ago

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