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Repeating task duplication

wahn says:

There is one very annoying bug/feature in iPhone RTM. If there is a repeating task (e.g. do something every 7 days) and it get completed on the iPhone, it will duplicate itself after the synchronization.

This is very annoying - every week I have to clean up unwanted duplicates from both iPhone and web-based RTM.

Previous builds of RTM had different issue - that was even worse, sometimes repeating tasks did not reinstate after completion and were lost forever. I haven't seen this bug for a while, so it may be fixed already.

Are there any plans to fix these issues? The product is excellent, but bugs like that are really killing all the experience.


Posted at 11:07pm on December 11, 2008

emily (Remember The Milk) says:

Hi Andrei,

Unfortunately we have no way of knowing about any bugs that you come across unless they're reported to us. :(

I'd recommend submitting an iPhone issue report via our support system -- this way we can get all the information that we need about the issue that you experience, and we can investigate further.


Posted 5 years ago

wahn says:

I think the bug may only appear when iPhone has no Internet connection. I will try to reproduce the bug and provide specific steps. Thanks

Posted 5 years ago

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