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Syncing Issues

matthew.e says:

For the last week or so i have been having issues syncing the iphone with the RTM servers, it seems its only RTM having these issues, my RSS reader, IM client, all communicate ok.

When RTM for iPhone opens, it will take a really long time trying to sync, the sprite wheel is constantly turning, but either it just stops, or i get an error about connecting to the servers.

If i dont get the error, and i got to 'settings -> about' on the iphone, i can see the last time it actually sync'ed with the server was many hours ago.

I have deleted the iphone app and downloaded again with no help.

Any Ideas?


Posted at 1:21pm on December 10, 2008

arvid Pro says:

Hi Matt,

how are you connected to the internet? Are you going through a firewall/proxy?

Posted 5 years ago

vircity says:


my colleague and I (both iPhone) have similar problems. The iPhone syncs and in "about" it says that it synced. However, tasks I added beforehand are not in my lists when using RTM on a PC.

Tasks that I created on the PC are on the iPhone, though




Posted 5 years ago

arvid Pro says:


could you submit a support request through email?

Posted 5 years ago

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