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Marking tasks complete on iPhone

soundsgood says:

First, thanks so much for this fantastic app. You guys rock! Now my suggestion:

When viewing tasks on the iPhone, I find it cumbersome first having to tap "Edit," to mark a task as complete. Why can't we just tap any orange/blue/gray dot at the left, and have that dot turn into a circle/check mark? (Of course, tapping in the center of the task could still take us to the task's details -- preferably with notes displayed automatically, not in a separate tab.) :-)

For completing tasks, tapping any dot at the left should automatically enter edit mode. This would have nearly the same effect as the Edit button -- with one very important exception:

Tapping a dot would *automatically* mark that first task as complete!

Then we'd be in edit mode, where we could mark other tasks as complete. (Or, if the first tap was a mistake, we could tap the circle/check mark to exit edit mode.)

Simple, right?

Posted at 7:55am on December 5, 2008

emily (Remember The Milk) says:

Hi soundsgood,

Glad you like the app! :)

Have you had the chance to try out the "swipe to complete" feature? To complete a task by swiping:

1) On your task list, swipe your finger across the name of the task you wish to complete.
2) Tap the 'Complete' button that appears.

Hope this helps!

Posted 5 years ago

inkygirl says:

Thanks for this tip, Emily! That makes things much easier.

Posted 5 years ago

tismey says:

That is brilliant. I hadn't spotted that before and thought it was quite cumbersome to complete tasks.

Posted 5 years ago

gordon.fitch says:

yeah cheers, nice tip.

Posted 5 years ago

soundsgood says:

I'm just getting back to the thread to read the reply. Thanks for the tip. It's nice to know about this option.

Posted 5 years ago

turadg says:

While the swipe is pretty neat, I'm more comfortable with tapping. And clearly it's not intuitive.

Why not put the Complete and Postpone buttons under the info items when you click on a task? i.e. you don't have to click on to Edit. there's plenty of screen space on the info screen, and if they don't fit that's fine. you'll just have to scroll to the bottom to see them.

Posted 5 years ago

amswitzer says:

The "swipe" is used in many iPhone apps. You can delete emails in the email app for example, with a swipe. I think RTM is just keeping "to code" with this one.

Posted 5 years ago

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