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Just Want A Simple Task List

shollomon says:

I'm trying to use RTM, but it really seems more complicated than what I need. I want a simple task list that syncs with Thunderbird/Lightning. I don't need a bunch of categories. I don't want to use GTD methods, I just want a task list that syncs. I want all of my tasks in one list, not an inbox with other lists to move them into as I "process" the stuff I collect. Just a damn task list. There will never be more than 20-25 tasks on the list and I want to see them all by default every time I open the application.

Can I do that with RTM?

Posted at 12:00am on November 28, 2008

boxhead says:

You could just leave everything in your Inbox - there's no obligation to move them. The Inbox syncs just like every other list.

Posted 6 years ago

shollomon says:

For some reason (silly I am certain) I don't want a single box called Inbox, but I can't change the name (or can I). I still have another list called All Tasks, can that go away, I only have one list.

Also why is the default when I open the app on the iPhone to open to whatever view I last had open? Can I make the default list the default I always see when I open the app no matter where I last was?

Posted 6 years ago

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