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All tasks list?

bonaldi says:

The screenshots on the store show an "All Tasks" list and a "High Priority" list. How do I get these to show up on the phone?

Posted at 2:40am on November 27, 2008

jhollington says:

You would like have to create Smart Lists for these, either by creating a search on the iPhone itself or on the RTM web site and then saving it as a Smart List.

There are a few different ways you can do this. If you really want ALL tasks (both complete and incomplete) then just do a blank search (put your cursor in the search field and press enter or tap "Search" on the iPhone) and then save that as a smart list. If you want only incomplete tasks, then a search like "status:incomplete" will work.

Likewise, a high priority list would be a search like "priority:1"

Posted 6 years ago

bonaldi says:

Ah brilliant, had no idea you could that, that's excellent. Thanks

Posted 6 years ago

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