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Sending, Sharing, Notes, Contacts...

slackstar says:


just installed the iphone version a few minutes ago.

some suggestions:
- sending/sharing task needs to be possible in iphone app
- tasks sent/shared over website appear on iphone, but without notes
- looking for/adding contacts is needed
- adding/managing groups on iphone
- tasks should be tied to specific time when needed
- location should be updated more frequently (maybe i am doing something wrong here)
- attachments like recorded voicemessages or photos

i read your post that many features had to be left out for an initial release. hope to see an update soon.


Posted at 4:07pm on November 26, 2008

fayid Pro says:

Slackstar is right... lovely app on the iphone but it's still missing critical features. Hope the dev team updates the features soon. Especially so because, we're made to pay USD25/= for a pro account to have the iphone app functioning but with missing features :(

Posted 5 years ago

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