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sync when exiting

nathanpeterson says:

Several times I've pulled up RTM iPhone app, entered a todo, and exited without manually syncing again. It syncs when I start up which is great. But when I forget to sync manually before exiting, the todo I entered doesn't show up on my account.

Since the whole idea of this app is to be able to quickly access or add todos, it's likely for me to forget to do a manual sync after each addition.

Is there any way you guys can add a prompt asking if I want to sync before I exit? Or an option to always sync before the program closes? Or something?

Posted at 2:52pm on November 25, 2008

arvid Pro says:

Apple doesn't allow third party app developers to do that. When the user clicks the Home button, the iPhone OS gives the app 5 seconds to exit gracefully otherwise the OS will just kill the program. So our hands are tight unfortunately.

Posted 5 years ago

ryptide Pro says:

Even with the manual sync, my tasks are not going back to the "cloud". Everything I create on the iPhone disappears.

Updating/completing tasks on the iPhone that were created on the website seems to work just fine.

Posted 5 years ago

ryptide Pro says:

And now it is working. Really weird.

Posted 5 years ago

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