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problems with sync iPhone > RTMweb

sowa1978 says:

I can't sync my iPhone with RTMweb. I have been trying many times (manually and automatically) and still see "no tasks" on the RTMweb. And if I create a task on the RTMweb, it sync back to my iPhone. Could somebody help with this please?

Posted at 4:29pm on November 15, 2008

ab (Remember The Milk) says:

Please submit an iPhone issue report via our support system and somebody will walkthrough it with you :)

Posted 6 years ago

paul.kelembeck says:

I think we r suffering the same problem!?! I update events on my RTM sync it to my iphone, open the calendar &......nothing. If u find out how to fix it then let me know. thanks

Posted 6 years ago

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