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Minor Interface and search suggestion

davidscottweaver says:

I LOVE the RTM app! Couple things would make it even better if you could implement them. First, in the task lists (any of them), the day of the week is on the same line as the task name, which really limits how much of the actual task text you can see. Any chance you could have it on the same line that the folder is on (below it's current location)?

Also, when you hit Search, it would be nice if the cursor automatically started in the search box with the keyboard popped up, ready to type. Also, maybe the results could start showing up as you type. I hate bringing up the competition, but check out Appigo's Todo app and hit the search magnifying glass. Very very fast and elegant, just the traits to complement the already fast RTM app!

Keep up the GREAT work guys!


Posted at 5:43am on November 15, 2008

chrisbx Pro says:

For the first thing, see also


To get the idea of what we would get, here is the current version:
and here is how it would be presented with this improvement:

Posted 6 years ago

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