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Thank you!!!

dcefrance says:

I had been using the ToDo app on the iPhone and syncing with RTM which kept producing duplicate tasks either on the app or on RTM.

I had also started moving many of my location-based things to do to Zenbe's list application which also syncs nicely with their web site version.

But the only reason I had done all of this was because there wasn't another way to natively sync with RTM and a true RTM iPhone app.

I also begged and complained on the forums for Emily and the Monkey et al to please create an iPhone app for us.

Now that they have and I've downloaded it and tried it out for about 15 minutes now all I can say is THANK YOU!!!

It's beautiful, simple, elegant, syncs perfectly and works right immediately. That wonderful feeling of pressing the sync button and instantly finding absolutely everything from my RTM account on my iPhone was just wonderful. I've added new locations, new tasks and edited existing bits, synced and checked on RTM and there they all are!

Thank you sooooo much for providing this invaluable tool for us. This has taken RTM to a whole new level of usefulness to me.


PS: I know this isn't a question, or a bug report or a problem and therefore not really the beginning of a thread. But I honestly felt this was the place to add my thanks and compliments as it is the same place I have previously added my comlaints, questions or "beggings"

Posted at 5:41pm on November 8, 2008

johnwin says:

I second EVERYTHING said above. Thank you.

(now I can stop using ToDo - though that is also a VERY good app, and the latest update made it a lot better)

Posted 6 years ago

lolongan says:

I agree. It's hard to choose between RTM app and ToDo app (sync with RTM server). For the time being, I stick with ToDo because of their All Tasks view and Focus view which I find more convenient than the Week view and List view of RTM.

Posted 6 years ago

rovingdan says:

I have to say thanks too. For a first version the functionality is very impressive. It too ToDo at least three to get to 70% of this.

The search and smartlists feature is quite amazing. I suppose the only thing you could do is put criteria screens instead of having to remember all the keywords. I thought I had to suggest something because I'm really dumbfounded how a first version could be so good.

Posted 6 years ago

vamshikk Pro says:


I have an 'all tasks' smartlist and a '@next' smart list (I tag tasks @next...which are my next focus). Its so easy to achieve the same :).

In fact I love RTM mainly because its so configurable. I have configured it to my tastes through smart lists. Hope this is helpful to you :).


Posted 6 years ago

vanilla8 says:

I just wanted to add my thanks also. I was pretty vocal in my frustration at the lack of this app but now it's here I am amazed, impressed and wowed.

Its completely transformed the experience of RTM for me and I'm using it pretty much all the time now. I actually prefer entering and managing my tasks in the iPhone App than the website.

The key attractor? Smart Lists. They work really well for my needs.

Thanks again. Great, great work.


Posted 6 years ago

pete1248 says:

Finally the todo sync that we've been waiting for - well done.

Posted 6 years ago

minusfive says:

+1^100000 THANK YOU!

Excellent implementation.

Posted 6 years ago

raruss1 says:

Yes thank you. This app really hits the spot.

Posted 6 years ago

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