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Feature request: Add Note(s) to new Task

boxhead says:

I've noticed that it's not possible to add one or more notes to a task whilst it is being created. Could this be added in a future update, either as a mandatory or 'Default Field'?

Posted at 10:10am on November 8, 2008

boxdog says:

I noticed this also. Yet the description in the appstore says that Notes *can* be added. Vaporware feature? :)

Posted 6 years ago

ab (Remember The Milk) says:


You can add notes to any task you want. Simply select a task and then tap the 'Notes' segment, the + icon will add a note. No vaporware, the note system is fully functional :)

I believe boxhead is referring to adding notes on task creation, this is something different.

Posted 6 years ago

boxhead says:


I am :-)

This is especially needed if you add a task to a list other than the one you're viewing, because the added task then disappears elsewhere and you need to hunt for it to add an associated note.

Posted 6 years ago

soundsgood says:

I have to second this. With all due respect (sincerely), the current system for adding and viewing notes is awkward.

- It would be nice to be able to add notes, when creating a task, just like any other field -- and to be able to add "Notes" as a default field.

- When viewing a task, its notes should simply be displayed below its title, date, etc. (even if we have to scroll down to see the notes). Having to tap the "Notes" tab to see notes in a separate window is cumbersome.

Posted 6 years ago

johnmsch Pro says:

+1 on both the above points. It would be nice to be able to add a note when adding a task (perhaps in the Add Field menu?)

Also, it would be awesome to see the first line of the note when viewing tasks in the tasks list. Perhaps a configuration toggle that says "If a note exists for this task, show the first line of the note below the task, otherwise show the list name. If the toggle is off, just show the list name as is done currently."

I'm still loving RTM, and telling every iPhone owner I meet about it. Can't wait for the next release to see what surprises are in store for us!!!!

Posted 5 years ago

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