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Is Sync bi-directional?

fejennings says:

I've noticed that changes I make using the standard web site, get overwritten with the value that is currently on the iPhone app. For example, I'm logged into the Web Site and postpone a task. If I then get on the iPhone and perform a sync, the original date is pushed back to the web site.

How do you get current changes from the web site sync'd with the phone?
Should I now be only making changes on the iPhone?


p.s. Really like the iPhone App.

Posted at 5:39pm on November 7, 2008

jmbrown says:


I just tried adding a task on the website and when I opened the iPhone app it was there. Then I closed the iPhone app, postponed the task on the website and when I opened the iPhone app, it reflected that change.

I'm not sure why yours is acting as it is. I assume the sync is done such that the most recent change is reflected on both the iPhone app and the website, regardless of where the change was made.


Posted 6 years ago

fejennings says:

Well, Jason, you seem to be correct. I can't get this to reoccur again.
I've tried it logging out of each and with them both logged in and it seems to be working properly. Yeah.

I'm wondering if it was during the initial session on the iphone. I was making a lot of changes on the web site when I was setting it up.

Oh well. If it happens again, I'll try to capture the exact steps.
Thanks for the reply.

Posted 6 years ago

jdavis_ls says:

I seem to be having the opposite problem...yesterday I set several of my tasks to "complete" on my iPhone whilst out and about; then I sync'ed my phone to my laptop, and the tasks were set to overdue. :( So much for my "complete" happiness! I don't see a way on the iPhone app or on iTunes or on the web version of RTM to set the sync to ask me about collisions. Is there a way to do that?


Posted 5 years ago

ryptide Pro says:

I have a different issue, I think.

I am able to create tasks on the website, and update them on the iPhone. Tasks created on the iPhone do not seem to be synced with the website.

I'm in the trial period for the iPhone app, considering upgrading to pro, but this is a deal-breaker for me if not fixed. I have to be able to create tasks from the iPhone app and have them sync. Right now everything I create on the iPhone disappears.

Posted 5 years ago

karsten.seiferlin says:

I never had problems with syncing FROM the iPhone to the website. Seems to work smoothly in both directions. (I do have a pro account though)

Posted 5 years ago

driverr says:

I have noticed sync problems from iPhone app to web especially on the notes of a task. For example, I have a Shopping task with a note attached listing what I need at the store. I can update the note via my desktop no problem and that change reflects quickly on my iPhone. However, if I update the note on my iPhone, it does not reflect on the web interface ever.

Posted 5 years ago

emily (Remember The Milk) says:

For any syncing issues, we'd really appreciate it if you can submit an iPhone issue report via our support system if you haven't done so already -- just click on "I'd like to report a new issue" on the left if your issue isn't listed under the topics.

We'd like to investigate any syncing issues further.


Posted 5 years ago

das1958 says:

i've noticed the same problem "driverr" says. I'm considering upgrading to pro and this is a great issue for me.

Posted 5 years ago

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