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How did you get Apple to let you do that?

offsky says:

It's pretty sneaky to have a free iPhone app that only works if you buy the Pro package on this website. You just avoided having to pay Apple the 30% distribution fee for your app.

How in the world did they agree to let you do this? I am working on an iPhone app right now, and if I can get 30% more money by charging for it outside of the App store, I definitely want to do this.

Posted at 1:47am on November 6, 2008

morrislaptop says:


Posted 6 years ago

vinodlive says:

cauz the Apple's app verifier had a pro account :P

Posted 6 years ago

ssmi153 Pro says:

My guess is that they let it through because RTM already provided a service for its $25 fee and this was merely an extension of this service rather than the creation of an entirely new product. (But good luck sneaking through the same door nonetheless!)

Posted 6 years ago

emily (Remember The Milk) says:

This isn't a forum for iPhone development discussion; I'd suggest getting in touch with Apple if you have questions about the iPhone Developer Program.

Posted 6 years ago

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