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How to Delete the Remember the Milk List from iPhone 5S Reminders if RTM Already Deleted?

skarden says:

I deleted Remember the Milk from my iPhone 5S (and my iPad). However, the RtM List is still under reminders. How do I get rid of it? I tried Edit under Reminders, but there is no delete there.

From what I could see from the web site it seems the List should be deleted from RtM, but I already deleted RtM (which then should have delted the Reminder List at the same time!)

BTW, it is not my only List as the default List is there.

Posted at 12:40pm on July 28, 2014

andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:

Hi skarden,
The list is added with our Siri integration, and removing the integration should remove the list.

If it doesn't you should be able to use the 'Edit' button to delete the list as you would with any others. (That should only not be available when the Siri integration is still tied in.)

Hope this helps!

Posted 17 weeks ago

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