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Alerts not working in iOS7, what are the proper settings?

eric.flagel Pro says:

I updated to iOS7 and I'm not getting "alerts" that show up in the lock screen anymore.

For example if I put in a reminder for 7:42p, I'll get the email, and if I'm using the phone I get the little banner but if I'm not using the phone I don't get the lock screen alert that turns my phone on for a second so I see the alert.

Can you please tell me exactly what the settings are to make that happen?


Posted at 2:59pm on September 19, 2013

eric.flagel Pro says:

I haven't changed any settings and now it's working.

Was it something on your end, or Apple?

Posted 1 year ago

andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:

Hi eric.flagel,
There was a brief issue with push notifications on our end, sorry; it seemed there may have been a separate issue on Apple's end too, but by the time we corrected ours everything seemed to be working as best we could tell. :)

Sorry about that!

Posted 1 year ago

scholnicks Pro says:

I am not get any alerts: banners or sound. I see the notification in Notification Center but that is it. Without the sound, the app isn't reminding me to get the milk. :(

Posted 0 years ago

andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:

Hi scholnicks,
Sorry to hear that. You may want to double-check your Reminders settings to make sure reminders are enabled and your iOS devices are turned on.

If they are and still aren't coming through, please contact us and we'll help you with your account!

Posted 12 months ago

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