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iphone sync trouble

yundev Pro says:

hello everything is very good, but.
i am now not in moscow, im in egypt. and the tasks in rtm site online are ok with outlook. everything correct.
but in iphone one task for ecample has 28 april finish date (in outlook and in rtm site), but in iphone 27.
and if i postpone the task in iphone, it nothing change in rtm site or outlook.

Posted at 11:41am on April 29, 2013

brendan Pro says:

Hi yundev,
Unfortunately Remember The Milk doesn't currently support shifting timezones, so you may notice that your due dates don't match if you travel between timezones and don't update all your devices.

Can you check to make sure all timezones have been updated to Egypt, including the timezone setting in your Remember The Milk account? This can be found under Settings > General in the web app.

Posted 1 year ago

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