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Multiple entries in iOS app

dykp says:

Sometimes, after a sync, I get duplicates of each entries.

Syncing again does not help. The only way to fix it is by logging out and logging back in.

Is this a known bug?

Posted at 10:12am on December 23, 2012

emily (Remember The Milk) says:

Hi dykp,

Sorry to hear this, that definitely shouldn't be happening!

We'd love to get to the bottom of this -- it would be great if we can do more troubleshooting with you via email. Please get in touch and we'll dig more into this.


Posted 1 year ago

phousedj Pro says:

I also noticed this a few times lately. Today, I had quite a few issues with the iphone app picking up quite a few changes (tasks which I had completed on the website). I noticed the totals between iphone and web were also off by a few. Logging out resolved it but wondering what the above solution was.


Posted 1 year ago

brendan Pro says:

Hi phousedj,
We'd love to get some additional details on your situation too so we can investigate this. Can you contact us via email as well?


Posted 1 year ago

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