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browsing in safari, want to "share" a page to RTM

alexandra.sheach says:

I've just gone over to an Iphone.

I previously had an HTC and used to use the "share page" function to send the URL to a "to read" list in RTM.

Is there a similar function with the iPhone ?

Thanks in advance,


Posted at 8:36pm on December 20, 2012

brendan Pro says:

Hi Alexandra,
Our iOS apps don't have a similar "Share page" function, sorry.

One trick that may be helpful, though, is to use Safari's built-in Twitter integration. If you're using Twitter on your iPhone, and you've connected your Twitter account to your Remember The Milk account (you can find out how to do that here), tapping the Share button in Safari and then selecting Twitter will let you send a tweet with the URL. Make sure your tweet is a direct message to @rtm by entering d rtm and you'll create a task in Remember The Milk.

Hope this helps!

Posted 1 year ago

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