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New User Questions

kge102474 Pro says:

New to RTM and have a few quick ones:

1. Sync - It seems that without purchasing the Pro version my added tasks will NOT sync automatically, correct?
1a. Siri - will the Pro versiona allow me to use Siri and still sync automatically?

2. Push (Text) Reminders - I would like to receive "text" based reminders. Is this option available only via Pro?

Posted at 5:00pm on November 5, 2012

kge102474 Pro says:

...btw, the above questions pertain to my Iphone. :-)

Posted 2 years ago

andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:

Hi kge102474,
New to Remember The Milk and already found the forums? Good stuff. :) I wrote you back by email when we got your question, but I'll respond here too… perhaps others could find it useful as well!

Sync without Pro is limited to one manual sync every 24 hours. With Pro, sync happens automatically when you make changes in the web and the app.

Siri works without Pro, but tasks are added to the web app (so reminders are sent, etc.); they wouldn't appear in the iPhone app itself until the next manual sync. With Pro, the sync would happen whenever you open the app.

You can receive reminders via email, IM, and SMS. With Pro you can also get reminders via push notifications to the app itself.

Hope this answers your questions! Let us know if you have any others!

Posted 2 years ago

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