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Is RTM compatible with iOS 6?

kevin.thai says:

Reason I ask is because I want to install the GM version as I do not want to deal with the network congestion that inevitably going to happen with every major iOS update. I can't afford to have my RTM to not work for those couple of days if I update to iOS 6 lol

Posted at 12:28am on September 14, 2012

andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:

Hi kevin.thai,
We haven't announced official support for iOS 6 just yet, but keep an eye out on our blog for an update!

Posted 2 years ago

kevin.thai says:

Took the plunge over the weekend - can report no issues with iOS 6 so far so all is good!

Posted 2 years ago

ralfvd Pro says:

IOS 6 and RTM works great.

Even an unexpected feature; if you sync Reminders with RTM (via webdav, as per instructions on https://www.rememberthemilk.com/services/siri/ ) , and you select during an incoming call 'remind me in 1 hour', you'll get a "call back " in RTM . Unfortunately, in my case the reminder time is 3 hours instead of 1. Might be some timezone issue.

Posted 2 years ago

fergus.bremner says:

iOS 6 no longer has a Setting to select default Reminder, so the Siri "fix" no longer works.

Posted 2 years ago

brendan Pro says:

Hi fergus.bremner,
This option is still there, but has been moved. In iOS 6, you can set the default Reminders list in Settings > Reminders.

We've updated the Siri instructions to reflect this.

Hope this helps!

Posted 2 years ago

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