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Tasks showing up on wrong day

olori says:

On my iphone, i am seeing tmrw's tasks showing up in today. Basically my web tasks are out of sync with the iphone apps. THings that have been completed on the web app show as overdue on the iphone app because it is not updating. i have hit refresh on my iphone several times. any ideas why?

Posted at 11:50pm on September 11, 2012

andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:

Hi olori,
It sounds like there may be a timezone mismatch between your iPhone, computer, and Remember The Milk account. (They must all match to prevent this kind of display.)

We have some troubleshooting steps listed on our site, and if those don't help, please contact us (at the bottom of that page) so we can discuss some details that will help.

Hope that helps!

Posted 2 years ago

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