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Sharing Tasks & Notes via iPhone

jeff0305 says:


I have set up folders to share tasks with an employee. I have a PRO account and they do not. When they log a new task or create a note through the ONLINE version of RTM, I see it instantly. But when they log a new task or note via their iPhone app, I do NOT see it. They use the iPhone app the majority of the time.

Since the PRO account has auto-syncing would this allow me to see changes to our 'shared' folders and tasks if he also has a PRO account? If so, would I be able to purchase this for him?


Posted at 1:21am on June 25, 2012

andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:

Hi Jeff,
Yes, Pro's auto-syncing would make a difference here. The changes your employee is making aren't immediately syncing to the web app, so they're not appearing for you instantly. (You could test how this would work by having him make a few changes and then manually sync.)

You can purchase Pro for him by sending him a gift account. Hope that helps!

Posted 2 years ago

streaking says:

Yeah, just have him sync manually or get a pro account, but it shouldn't be a problem

Posted 2 years ago

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