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Cannot delete old iphone from my account

marys Pro says:

I had to replace my iphone 4s and now both iphones are listed in my account in the reminders tab. I cannot find a way to delete the old phone. The little trashcan icon does not appear beside it like it does for an email address. I logged out and deleted the RTM app from the old iphone, but it is still listed as one of my "details". I did turn off reminders for the old phone, but I would like to delete it. Any help?

Posted at 11:46am on June 10, 2012

brendan Pro says:

Hi marys,
It's not currently possible for you to delete this old iPhone yourself, sorry. However, we'd be happy to delete it for you. Can you contact us and let us know the UDID of the device via email?


Posted 2 years ago

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