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iPhone app versus Android app

wallyj says:

I love my RTM app for my droid, so I had my wife install the app for her iPhone 4S.

I love how MY list shows as many lines as it takes for long task titles, as well as the date due, the list name, and the hash tags assigned to each task.

My wife's iPhone simply shows one line of text for tasks (which most of our go beyond), which makes them fairly worthless without tapping each one to see the full description.

It also only shows the list that the task belongs to, but does not show the tags associated with the task.

The point is that, for long task names, the Android app seems usable. The iPhone does not.

Unfortunately our tasks cannot have short names like "Take out trash" or "Buy Milk". Color me complicated, but that's where the Android app knocks it out of the park.

Is there a setting that I can't find that will make the iPhone show multiple lines of text for tasks, as well as showing the tags?

I was going to upgrade to Pro, but the differences between the apps is a deal killer for me. Please help! :)

Posted at 7:03pm on April 22, 2012

brendan Pro says:

Hi wallyj,
There is not currently an option to display task names on multiple lines, or to display the task's tags in the list view in the iPhone app, sorry.

If you haven't done so already, you may want to vote for these suggestions in our Ideas forum here and here.

Thanks for your feedback on this!

Posted 2 years ago

wallyj says:

Thanks for the reply... I visited both posts.

There is no logical reason not to show multiple lines. If people don't want multiple lines, you can either program it as an option, or the users can create shorter names for their tasks.

Hold up a Droid phone next to the iPhone with an account that has long task names. The Droid looks great. The iPhone looks unreadable and practically useless.

Please fix asap and I'll happily sign up for a pro account. At this point, my wife (with the iPhone) refuses to use RTM on her phone. :(

Posted 2 years ago

emily (Remember The Milk) says:

wallyj, just further to Brendan's response... an iPhone update is coming shortly. These two issues (lack of tags in list view and displaying task names on multiple lines) are amongst the improvements we're making. :)

Posted 2 years ago

davepriley1 Pro says:

I fully support a iPhone app update and can't wait to see some needed enhancements on an already great app/service. Thank you!!

Posted 2 years ago

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