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Subscribing to all lists failed; subscribing to a single list works

irtm says:

Finally did get RTM events to show up in iPhone 4s Calendar, and not sure what I did wrong in my first try.

Initially tried to subscribe to "iCalendar Events Service (All Lists)" per instructions (as I understood them) and nothing showed up in the Calendar. (In Safari I browsed to the Info page in RTM Settings, copied the iCalendar Events Service URL, pasted it into the proper Settings field on the phone.)

I deleted the subscription from Settings and subscribed instead to my default list, which is my only "real" list - all my other lists are smart lists.

(So my default list is inbox; it's also my only real list; I have an "all tasks" smart list which matches anything and is redundant to my default inbox list, but would not be redundant if I started to use multiple real lists; and then I have several smart lists.)

Is there a reason why, given the way I have RTM set up, subscribing to all lists would fail, but subscribing to my sole real (and default) list would work?

I also was able to successfully subscribe to my "all tasks" smart list.

Thank you.

Posted at 7:43am on March 3, 2012

brendan Pro says:

Hi irtm,
One difference between the "All Lists" feed and the feeds for individual lists, like your Inbox or All Tasks, is that the "All Lists" feed is always an authenticated feed requiring your username and password. The individual lists can be either authenticated or unauthenticated, depending on your settings. This page gives some further details on the difference.

However, the Calendar app on the iPhone should be able to support either authenticated or unauthenticated feeds, so if this doesn't appear to be the problem, would you be able to contact us via email so we can take a closer look?


Posted 2 years ago

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