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Create icon for smart list

diarmuid.deans says:


I have two smart lists that are my personal and work tasks for the day. I want to create an icon for each of them and add the icons to the bottom of the screen in the iPhone app. Is this possible?


Posted at 9:34pm on December 20, 2011

brendan Pro says:

Hi diarmuid.deans,
It's not currently possible to customize the icons that are shown at the bottom of the screen in the iPhone app, sorry.

Thanks for your feedback on this.

Posted 2 years ago

ranbarton ProPower Poster says:

Hear, hear.

C.f., https://www.rememberthemilk.com/forums/ideas/9556/ and http://www.rememberthemilk.com/forums/iphone/6670/ too.

Posted 2 years ago

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