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No Push Notifications in iOS 5 (iPhone & iPad)

jbbres Pro says:


Since a few days, I do not receive any push notifications on my iPhone and iPad. It was working perfectly so far and simply stop.
I don't think I did any change. The notififications for RTM are correctly set-up in the setting panel.
The badge indicator is still working and updating normally.

Would you have any advise?

Continue the great job on RTM! Great system, like it a lot!


// JB

Posted at 11:45pm on December 14, 2011

psavelev Pro says:

I have the same issue.

Posted 3 years ago

pascal.quantin Pro says:

I'm experiencing a similar issue since one or two weeks : either no push notification received at all or (for some of them) received several hours late.
Resetting the application did not change anything. As push notifications for other applications are working fine, it really looks like a server issue.


Posted 3 years ago

paulf says:

(iPhone 4, ios 5.0.1) I'm new to RTM and also having trouble getting push notifications to work. I've seen a two come down in the last week but should be getting a few each day. I don't think the sound played when those two arrived either.

Is this normal / known issue?

Posted 3 years ago

brendan Pro says:

For anyone experiencing trouble with Push Notifications on iOS devices, can you try the following steps to reset the reminder service?
- in the web app, open Settings, then Reminders
- turn off iPhone or iPad reminders
- wait for confirmation that they've been turned off at the top of the page
- turn them back on

If this doesn't help, can you contact us so we can take a closer look with you?


Posted 3 years ago

ajorpheus says:

Brendan's suggestion worked for me. Thanks !!

Posted 2 years ago

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