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msurtees says:

I watched the RTM Siri demo. I actually love the cow&blue background. Is it available for download?

Would be a great conversation starter for RTM when I'm asked why I have a cow on my iPhone. :)

Posted at 7:51pm on November 23, 2011

brendan Pro says:

Hi msurtees,
We don't currently have an official wallpaper available for download, but thanks for letting us know you like it! :)

I'll make sure the team gets this for review.

Posted 3 years ago

bezibalazs says:


Posted 2 years ago

jonflores Pro says:

I agree with you on the cow background - I love it!

THis is what I did to get the cow on my home screen.
As you tap the RTM app immediately have your finger on the standby button and the home screen and then take the picture.then go to your photos and paste to your home screen as a background.

Posted 2 years ago

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