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sync problems between website and iphone

baldwj Pro says:

I rarely use RTM website as I just use my iphone. I still regularly sync to ensure that if anything happens I would have back up. I've just logged in to the website and the 'to do's' are very out of date and clearly the syncing isn't working. I've just bought an ipad and this is going to be a BIG problem - I was just thinking about going pro so that I know that either RTM app is up to date whichever device I pick up but it looks like I have a bigger issue.

Anyone know what is going on?

Posted at 2:23pm on November 17, 2011

andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:

It's possible there's a sync problem between your iPhone and the web app, but it's more likely that there's a browser problem preventing the correct data from loading in the web app.

Can you contact us so we can discuss some specific solutions and get everything in sync for you?


Posted 3 years ago

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