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Completed smart list

shekala Pro says:

I created a smart list for all completed items and have a couple of issues:
1) The list does not show a count for total items in the list, as do all of my other smart list.
2) Is there a way to quickly edit a smart list on an ipad to delete all items, rather then going through them one by one? My primary desire for my completed items is to glance at them at the end of the day to get a sense of what I accomplished, but then to delete them in one full swoop.
Thanks for any advice anyone has.

Posted at 6:56am on November 16, 2011

brendan Pro says:

Hi David,
The number of tasks displayed in the List view is always the number of incomplete tasks, so your Smart Lists which include only completed items won't show a task count here.

Also, within the iPhone or iPad app, it's not currently possible to delete multiple tasks at once. Sorry for any inconvenience. The fastest way to accomplish what you described is to use the "Select All" option which is available in the web app.

Posted 3 years ago

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