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Using Siri AND RTM together

phillipgreene says:

I am trying to figure out how to use Siri to use the location-based reminders native to the iphone 4s and also use Siri to add tasks to RTM.

I want Siri to 'remind me' at a certain time or location. But I want Siri to hand the tasks over to RTM.

My head is starting to hurt just a little.

Thanks for any help.

Posted at 9:27pm on November 2, 2011

brendan Pro says:

Hi phillipgreene,
When using Siri to add tasks to Remember the Milk, the tasks will be pushed to your Remember the Milk account but they will not remain on your device in the Reminders app. Once the task has been pushed to your account, you can setup your reminders as detailed here.

Unfortunately it's not currently possible to set the location when adding a task this way. You can set the due date and time, as well as the repeat interval for the task.

Hope that helps!

Posted 3 years ago

phillipgreene says:

I used the tip by jingoro below - Thanks - and it seems to be working. Still have native Siri reminders, but also have the ability to have Siri email 'Bessie'- a contact with my RTM inbox email address - with a task. It shows up in my RTM inbox, with the correct time. Location-based task reminders are not that important to me, but the ability to capture them on the run is. So far, seems to be working just fine.

Thanks for the reply

Posted 3 years ago

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