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No "Today" Date in Today list

philipbowman Pro says:

When I look at items in the 'Today' default list on the iPhone 2.0 app, items actually due today have no date shown. I'm sure they used to say 'Today' as in any other list.

While I can sort of see the logic because it's the default, it would be more consistent to keep displaying that 'today', just so I know the date on the item hasn't mysteriously got changed to 'none'.

Or am I imagining it and that's how it's always worked?

Posted at 4:29pm on May 9, 2011

brendan Pro says:

In general, when you are using the views that are part of "This Week", the due date will not be displayed because the due date is always the day you have selected. "Today" is a bit of an exception, because it includes overdue tasks and their due dates will be displayed.

Thanks for your feedback on this!

Posted 3 years ago

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