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Link from Task Tag to all tasks with that tag- works web - not working iphone

whalford says:

I'm using Tags to group my Project related Tags.

My main Smartlists are context related :

(dueBefore:tomorrow or due:never) and (list: Work) and (not(tagContains:prj) or name:Project)

This is my Work (due) Filter - which excludes anything with a prj tag unless the name has "Project" in it)

This means I can have "Project" Headings and then everything that is a sub task of that project gets tags :
prj (to exclude it from my main smartlist)
BuildShed or something meaningful like that to group it into a specific project.

When I want to work on this project I find the "Project" task in my main smart list - then open that task and click on the Tag in the task attributes to drill down to the list of all tasks tagged with that tag.

Works fine on the Web - but on the iphone that last step doesn't work because I cant drill from a Task into a Tag list.

Any idea if this will be an added feature soon (ipad version?)

Works fine on Web - Doesn't work on iPhone since

Posted at 9:07pm on March 27, 2011

brendan Pro says:

Thanks for your feedback on this; we appreciate it. It's good to know you'd like to use tags like this.

Posted 3 years ago

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