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Complete task on I.rememberthemilk.com

stratus19rt Pro says:

How do you complete a task on the I.rememberthemilk.com mobile site?

Posted at 4:59am on November 7, 2010

leah.shalomPower Poster says:

When you are on the mobile site there is a "complete" button within a task. You have to open the specific task to see the complete button.

Hope this helps,

Posted 4 years ago

carsten.thiele says:


I don't see a "complete" button when i am in the task detais view. I use Safari on iPad.


Posted 3 years ago

leah.shalomPower Poster says:


Try using the link m.rememberthemilk.com, that is the official mobile app which has the functionality.

Posted 3 years ago

earlcaulley Pro says:

In the list view of your tasks, click Edit, and then the checkmark next to the task you wish to complete. A Complete button should appear.

Posted 3 years ago

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