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Location-based tasks automatically join today's list when in the area

trolleyboi says:

I would love to see RTM automatically update the "today" task list with tasks that had been labelled with no due date but had a location on them.

I fly a lot from country to country and often have tasks that i need to do in each city and i don't know when im going to be there, so to have the current task list update with previously entered location-based tasks would be amazing!

Posted at 7:58pm on October 7, 2010

nohant says:

+ pop up (or reminder)

Posted 3 years ago

andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:

Hi trolleyboi,
Thanks for the feedback. You may want to try using a Smart List, which allows you to define what shows up in your list.

As an example, here's one that would show all tasks that would appear in the Today section (due today or overdue), as well as those nearby:

dueBefore:today OR due:today OR priority:1 OR locatedWithin:"5 km"

(Of course, the location radius can be changed. :)

Hope that helps!

Posted 3 years ago

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