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Smart Tag List

alberto.bellini Pro says:

In my RTM account every task is tagged with a "prj_..." tag to identify the associated project.

When iI look the tag list, every tag used in the past is here, resulting in cluttered and very log list.

How about a Smart list of tags, added to the smart list of tasks?

Posted at 1:54pm on May 10, 2013

andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:

Hi alberto.bellini,
If the tags are deleted, you can delete them in the iPad app as well. Otherwise they will show up in the Tags. You could also rename past/completed projects' tags, e.g. 'zprj_…" so they sort to the bottom.

Otherwise, a slightly different approach would be to create Smart Lists for each active project, say one that searches for tag:prj_Active, and then rely on the Lists view instead of the Tags view to pull up your projects' tasks.

Hope this helps!

Posted 11 months ago

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