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Tasks due not based on dates, but on other criteria (e.g. for car maintenance, the due might be based on odometer reading)

Started by matthauger Web app0 comments

Support for ClearContext

Started by tjasper MilkSync for Microsoft Outlook1 comment

Automatically delete missed repeating tasks

Started by astrojason Web app4 comments

IE pinned sites integration

Started by timschaeps New integrations1 comment

Add invited people to contacts 'provisionally' so you can share lists / tasks before they accept

Started by General0 comments

Auto-archive old tasks

Started by alex.vasenin Web app1 comment

Randomizer for dues dates, e.g. to have tasks repeat roughly (but not exactly!) every 2 weeks

Started by rusharound Web app0 comments

Automatically bring up the browser's print command on the print view

Started by dlmead_ninacasey Web app0 comments

Ability to 'SMS this list' to your phone

Started by bbeetle Web app0 comments

Return focus to most recently viewed list after a Search

Started by lgmb_0t1 Web app0 comments

Support for OpenStreetMap maps

Started by evgeniysmoley Web app5 comments

Gravatar support

Started by black.puppydog General2 comments

Password protection to launch app

Started by jasonpbyu Android app2 comments

Little Printer integration

Started by ronald.aardema New integrations1 comment

Import locations from CSV or other address book

Started by nessa Web app0 comments

Index card printing option

Started by dav Web app3 comments

Show the pop-up if you click on the task (not just mouseover it)

Started by andrewski Gmail add-on0 comments

Option to disable keyboard shortcuts

Started by igorrs Web app4 comments

Foursquare integration

Started by andres.riancho New integrations1 comment

Spotlight plugin for Mac OS X

Started by adambox New integrations0 comments