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Ability to check if subtasks are complete.

Started by tismey General2 comments

Repeating of tasks with start date only

Started by sowens General0 comments

Sub lists

Started by meggerud General0 comments

Sort completed tasks

Started by basovink General4 comments


Started by kevinbjiang General5 comments

See who you have invited and invite status

Started by General1 comment

Indefinite Pro account

Started by polder General0 comments

Automatic backups of all RTM tasks

Started by xierox General2 comments

Choose a delivery date for a gift account

Started by paul.morgalla General0 comments


Started by david.latapie General0 comments

Automatically postpone repeating tasks

Started by astrojason General0 comments

subtasks inherit properties of parent task

Started by jrrt General0 comments

Add to Google Apps Marketplace

Started by aarontn General7 comments

Ability to go 'back' as well as 'skip' when voting on features

Started by guice General0 comments

disallow completing tasks with open subtasks

Started by bbeetle General0 comments

Show "parent" of subtask in today view (or other views)

Started by georgebb General0 comments

Put a checkbox in the notes section

Started by vegaschuck General0 comments

Support default start dates

Started by eorrick General1 comment

Easier ways to find "next items" (in GTD sense)

Started by psidnell General0 comments

Separate work and home tasks

Started by unsliced General3 comments